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About Us

91 Years in Business and Still Going Strong!

Schoch Tile was founded in 1928 by Phil Schoch. The original location was in Fairmount on Harrison Avenue between Queen City and Westwood Avenue.

Immediately following WWII, William “Captain” Bley, Phil’s nephew, started working for Schoch Tile. Around the same time, Phil moved the business into rural Covedale.

In the early 1960’s, William Bley bought the business from his aunt and proceeded to become one of the largest non-union ceramic tile contractors in the state of Ohio. During this time, carpet and linoleum were added to the product line.

In 1980, David and Dennis Bley, two of Bill’s sons, purchased Schoch Tile & Carpet from their dad and began plans for a showroom in Western Hills. In October of 1983, their dreams came true when the opened a large showroom and warehouse on Crookshank Road at Anderson Ferry.

In February of 1985, Dennis bought out his brother David and became the sole owner of Schoch Tile & Carpet. In the years to follow, Schoch Tile & Carpet continued to grow both in residential and commercial flooring.

January of 2019 brought some exciting news for the future of Schoch Tile & Carpet. Tim Maley, Dennis’ nephew, was hired as the new General Manager. Tim’s father, Mike Maley, worked for Schoch Tile & Carpet for over 50 years until his retirement. Tim is excited to lead Schoch Tile & Carpet into the 4th generation.

The current work force of over 30 employee’s is dedicated to maintaining the quality and service that Schoch Tile & Carpet has become known for. Schoch Tile has a strong presence in residential and customer builder work; also, Schoch Tile & Carpet’s commitment to quality has enabled them to maintain a customer list of who’s who in the Tri-State area. Recently completed projects include: Xavier University, St. Xavier High School, Elder High School and LaRosa’s.

Schoch Tile & Carpet’s motto for 2019 is: “Good Is The Enemy of Great”. Schoch Tile & Carpet sets high expectations with regards to customer satisfaction. The vision is to become The Family Flooring Company of the Tri-state area enhancing the happiness of our customers by bringing their homes ALIVE! Schoch Tile & Carpet strives towards this vision by providing a highly enjoyable and satisfying experience to our customers, from sales to installation, through effective and timely communication, collaboration, follow up and follow through.

Vision – To become The Family Flooring Company of the Tri-state area enhancing the happiness of our customers by bringing their homes more ALIVE!

Mission – It is the mission of Schoch Tile & Carpet to provide a highly enjoyable and satisfying experience to our customers, from sales to installation, through effective and timely communication, collaboration, follow up and follow through. Increased value to homes, salaries of employee’s and profitability of the company are bi-products of this mission.



Dan Broughton

Dan began working at Schoch Tile in 1986! He was in his senior year of high school at Diamond Oaks where he completed one year of flooring mechanics training. He enjoys having the opportunity to practice daily these things he does best.

With regards to work ethic, Dan believes being on time and being prepared as best you can for the day are essential. Dan makes a noticeable effort to see the task at hand and visualize it to completion. He works smart and he works neat. Being respectful and polite are two things that come very natural to Dan.

Dan has received training from Armstrong flooring and is certified in Commercial Flooring Installation. Dan reads Floor Covering Installers magazine routinely, he has subscribed to the magazine for many years.

Outside of Schoch Tile, Dan enjoys hanging out with family and friends, making home improvements around the house, reading novels, watching old movies and going to concerts. Dan is also a big Cincinnati Reds Fan.

Dan has lived in Cleves, Ohio since 2012. Dan lives with his girlfriend Shirley, his daughter Paige and his grandson Jude.

Dan is a 1986 graduate of Harrison High School/Diamond Oaks.

Schoch Tile is privileged to have Dan installing for the company for the past 33 years!

Nick Smith Sr.

Nick has been installing floors for over 35 years! He loves what he does and he loves when he receives positive customer feedback.

Reliability and quality installation are two of his main core beliefs. He is proud to have the distinction of being a certified flooring installer.

When Nick is away from Schoch Tile, he enjoys gardening, cooking, fishing and playing tennis. Nick and his wife Sylvia, along with their son Nick Jr., granddaughters Hanna and Raylee have lived in Cleves for the past 3 years.

Schoch Tile is honored to have Nick Smith Sr. as a part of the company. His skills and professionalism are second to none!

Nick Smith Jr.

Nick has worked for Schoch Tile since 2004. He takes pride in making the customer happy with their new floor. Nick believes in working hard and doing the job right the first time.

Nick has been trained by many people throughout his years at Schoch Tile. He has worked on all types of flooring; his skill set is very versatile.

When Nick is not working, he enjoys camping, fishing and kayaking. He is also a big fan of music.

Schoch Tile is honored to have Nick as an employee for so many years.

Tony Jackson

Tony has worked for Schoch Tile since 2003. He truly enjoys the people he works with and the company he works for.

With regards to work ethic, Tony feels it is imperative to be on time and help other employee’s complete tasks. He tries to learn and continuously improve every day on the job.

Outside of Schoch Tile, Tony enjoys spending time with his daughter and attending her school activities.

Tony is a huge Cincinnati Bengals Fan. Who Dey!

Schoch Tile is privileged to have Tony Jackson as a long time employee.

Marty Justice

Marty has been working in the flooring business for 6 years. He takes pride in his work and works every day to the best of his abilities. Marty enjoys nothing more than having a satisfied customer after a day’s work.

Marty believes a strong work ethic and continuous improvement with regards to his trade a paramount to his success.

When Marty is not working at Schoch Tile, he enjoys fishing, gaming and working on computers.

Schoch Tile looks forward to Marty’s continued success and advancement within the company.

Eddie Bivens

Eddie has been installing hardwood floors for over 18 years. He enjoys his work, especially be able to work in different settings as jobs are completed and he moves onto the next one.

Eddie believes that working to the best of his ability and doing whatever is needed for the company is vitally important, not only for his success but for the success of the company.

When Eddie is not working at Schoch Tile he enjoys spending time with his family and chasing the little white ball around the golf course.

A graduate of Newport High School in 2000, Eddie and his wife live in Newport, Kentucky with their 8 children.

When it comes to the installation of hardwood floors, it will be tough to find someone as hard working and/or who produces such quality as Eddie Bivens. Schoch Tile is grateful to have Eddie as an employee; he has been instrumental in Schoch Tile & Carpet carving out their footprint in the hardwood market.

Gary Schroer

Gary has been installing hardwood floors for over 12 years. He appreciates working for a company that allows him to showcase his talents and a company that trusts him to do a good job. Gary truly enjoys working for Schoch Tile and working with the quality individuals that are a part of the company.

Gary believes in quality and quantity. His years of experience installing hardwood floors allow him to accomplish much more in a day than his peers in the same field.

Gary and his wife live in Villa Hills, Kentucky. The have four boys ages 13,11,4 and 2. Needless to say, when Gary is not at work he enjoys spending time with his family and watching his kids play sports. Gary is a 2003 graduate of Holy Cross High School.

Gary came to Schoch Tile & Carpet a little over 2 years ago. He has be instrumental to Schoch Tile’s success as the company continues to grow their hardwood floor division. Schoch Tile is honored to have such a quality employee such as Gary working for the company.

Dennis Doherty

Dennis has been in the flooring business for over 32 years! He has been involved with store management, sales AND installations. He favorite part about his job is seeing new and old customers and their satisfaction when a new floor is complete.

Dennis is a life long learner. He believes in hard work, asking questions and doing the job right the first time. He has many years of experience which was noted above; but in addition, Dennis has completed trainings from Armstrong Flooring in the areas of floor prep and vinyl installation. Dennis also attending two years of vocational school focusing on building maintenance which he completed in 1976.

When Dennis is not working a Schoch Tile, he enjoys golfing, playing softball and helping and staying active with church activities.

Dennis has lived in Brookville, Indiana for the past 10 years. He and his girlfriend, for the past 20 years, have an 18 year old daughter who is currently attending Indiana State University.

Dennis has been working for Schoch Tile for over 26 years. Schoch Tile & Carpet is extremely grateful for Dennis’s many years of service with the company and we are proud to have him as a part of the Schoch Tile family.